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Meet The Team


Ryan Tana 

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6’1” (185cm) ・SAN FRANCISCO, USA Tana is coming into his fifth season as Crayon’s captain and leader. Since arriving in 2017, he has elevated Crayon’s team play and has been the anchor of their strong defense in recent years. Tough physical guard who has high 3x3 IQ, can shoot from anywhere on the court, and gets defensive stops when it matters the most.


Spencer Jennings

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6’1” (185cm) ・NORTH CAROLINA, USA Jennings is coming into his 4th season with Crayon 3x3, and is known for his high accuracy perimeter shooting, scrappy defense, and quick play making off the dribble. He is a crowd favorite with his tenacity and charisma on and off the court. NCAA D1 Wake Forest pedigree, with connections to HOF point guard Chris Paul.


Justin Herold

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6’8” (203cm) ・San Rafael, USA

Premier.EXE League Leader in scoring in 2019 season with over 200 total points. Has spent over 5 years in Japan’s top professional league with Tokyo Excellence and Iwate Big Bulls. He is known for being physically dominant in the paint, explosive jumping ability, and athleticism that makes him an all around top level 3x3 player.


Chris Brown

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6'8" (203cm) GEORGIA, USA

First year Crayon Player with a wealth of 3x3 both domestically and competition on the 3x3 World Tour Stage.  Plays the Power Forward Position with length, athleticism and a commanding defensive presence.  

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Jazz Nakamura

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6'2" (188cm) TOKYO, JAPAN

First year Crayon Player and the youngest Crayon member. Made his 3x3 debut last season for the Shibuya Futures.  A strong, athletic, all around talented player who can contribute on both the offensive and defensive end.  Look for Jazz to have a promising future in 3x3 and 5x5 basketball in Japan for years to come.  


Matthew Kyle

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6'11" (210cm) SOUTH CAROLINA, USA

A graduate of Yale University.  Big Matthew Kyle holds down the paint at the Center Position. An experienced professional playing basketball in many countries overseas, including playing 3x3 in Japan with Tokyo Dime and the 3x3exe debut season with "Greedy Dog". Look "up" for Matt for his debut season with Crayon!


Mikiya Fukuda

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6'4" (194 cm)・KANAGAWA, JAPAN

Fukuda is Crayon's most experienced veteran, with over 6 years of 3x3 experience, as well as over 10 years of professional 5v5 experience in Japan. High IQ and formidable outside shot makes Fukuda a reliable 3x3 player.


Bryan Simpson

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6'7" (198cm) GEORGIA, USA

Joined Crayon in 2019 and played a critical role in Crayon securing a Playoff berth and "Big B" has been part of the "Crayon Family" ever since. Big B possesses massive size and strength  and ALWAYS has his teammates back.  Watch your head because he still has some bounce left!

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